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Did you know that one in five people ever suffer from stress, anxiety or mood complaints? Together with our professionals you take the right steps to get back into balance. 

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I remember when I started therapy: I was in the waiting room in the department of depression and psychotrauma. Couldn’t be much clearer, could it? I wanted to be invisible and sometimes I found it difficult to tell my story. After 9 months of continuous therapy with a regular mental healthcare provider, I registered with […]
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The fact that it was possible to have contact with my practitioner between the arranged  video call sessions gave me peace of mind and confidence. Of course I knew she would not be reading my messages day and night, but writing down my problems helped me to heal and I knew she would respond as […]
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After my first video call I was convinced. It felt so good to be able to do the sessions at home. Also the idea of being able to send a message when I needed it was reassuring, although I only did this once or twice. My therapist gave me the feeling that she cared and […]
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Ilya taught me in a short time “how” you can deal with certain things and especially how to be more positive in life. It really helped that this was anonymous & digital, I would recommend it to anyone. What do you have to lose ;-)? Go for it!


Refreshing and surprising.


It was useful to experience the possibilities of the app and to get acquainted with the tools that are available. I am thinking for example of the relaxation exercises and the library. I also thought it was smart that the Nice Day app does not make it possible to update your file “afterwards”.


It has made me aware of my behavior and helped to make it a habit of achievable goals.


The treatment helped me very well. Unfortunately, last week I again had to deal with mourning. I have been able to apply the tips and handles that I have received for processing.


The treatment provided tools and support that enabled me to grow.

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Copyright © 2019. All Rights Reserved