I remember starting therapy: I had to wait in the waiting room of “depression and psychotrauma”. It couldn’t be more obvious right? I wanted to be invisible and had a hard time telling my story. I started NiceDay after 9 months of therapy in the regular mental health care. I was able to stay anonymous and set my own boundaries. This felt so good! Without any shame I was able to tell my story. I could cry, get angry, be happy, nobody would see it. This gave me so much peace.

Because of monitoring my thoughts and feelings in the app my therapist noticed my eating disorder before I did. And he also noticed when I was doing well! I’m so grateful for the support of my therapist.



To be honest I was a bit critical when I got the offer to do my treatment completely digital. How is it possible to treat me when they don’t even see me in their consulting room? Nevertheless I gave it a chance and I’m very enthusiastic! The fact that it’s possible to reach out to my therapist in between the sessions gave me peace of mind.

Of course I knew that she wouldn’t read my messages directly but it helped to write down things that were bothering me, knowing she would reply as soon as possible. This made me feel encouraged all the time. We did the exposure exercises together (via video calling) at places I usually get panic attacks. That was hard but it helped me a lot. After 10 weeks I felt like I had enough confidence to deal with difficult situations myself and ended the treatment. I’m very positive about this way of treatment and can recommend it to everyone.


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